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Freddie Mercury Mickey Mouse Queen Sweatshirt

Freddie Mercury Mickey Mouse Queen Sweatshirt

He will go on a Twitter fest tonight deflecting and distorting the facts, even lying and posting false posts to pump up his gang of worshipers. Truths coming soon. Crack heads live in a ferry tail. They have nothing on trump it’s all smoke and mirrors that will not impeach him. Your addiction has taken all ability to think for your self. Please seek help a brain is a terrible thing to waste. Trump will still be your president in 2020 and there after. If by some large corruption deal trump is impeached VP Pence will take his Freddie Mercury Mickey Mouse Queen Sweatshirt and carry on. It’s a win situation. Again please seek help for your CNN Crack addiction. I feel like I am in the middle of a great spy, espionage novel, waiting impatiently to hear the next chapter. Very curious about the redacted parts in the memo.

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